Aircraft management and consulting

If you own an aircraft, or are planning to purchase one, come to Avio-D-Group for superior aircraft management services.

Aircraft management

Managing your own aircraft can involve such complex matters as aviation legislation compliance, aircraft maintenance coordination, staff recruitment and productive aircraft operation.

Our services can provide you with greater efficiencies and safety, and fewer headaches because we lift the burden of administrative, operational and human resource-related issues that accompany aircraft operations. This allows you to focus on taking care of company business and to enjoy your most valuable asset - time.

Our aircraft management service includes:

24/7 Operations Control Center (OCC), including Dispatch,
24hours Over-Flight and landing Permission Service;
Flight Operation Management;
Crew management and supervision
Technical management, including

- Administration of maintenance schedules,

- Maintenance supervision,

- Revision service of aircraft manuals,

Quality Assurance;
Trip accommodations.

Another very important aspect of the aircraft management is the optimization of the cost/revenue stream. The LZ registration under Avio Delta management would give you the possibility to lower the operation cost of the aircraft and to generate revenue through charter flights.


Acquiring an aircraft is a complex matter with many factors and procedures to be considered. We are at your service to advise and support you throughout the complete process starting with determining the exact type of aircraft to match your needs, through the purchase phase and finishing with registration and putting it into operations.

For our clients intending to set-up an aviation entity our experienced team of specialist is available to support in the following areas:

Air operator start-up, incl. AOC application;
EU OPS 1 Manual services (OM – A,B,C,D; CAME, etc.)

To learn more about our Aircraft Management Services and how we can assist you, contact our team.